The scammer or the fraud caller will tell you that they're police officer from Bukit Aman. Bukit Aman is a Royal Malaysia Police Headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur. They will try to tell you that you or you friend are doing some offence and your bank account will be frozen. They will either asked you for a bribe or told you that they can help to transfer your money to another new account.

Bukit Aman

In many cases, the phone number on your handphone will be displaying a real Bukit Aman Phone number (+603-22662222, +603-22663444 ). The scammer use a special software that able to select any telephone number of their choice to be displayed on the handphone screens of their potential victims including that off Bukit Aman.

They're different version of story that they will tell you here are some of them:

Case 1:
The victims would receive a phone call from someone claiming to be a police officer, who would say the victim was wanted by the Hong Kong police for involvement in money laundering activities. The victim would then be asked to contact the Hong Kong police headquarters immediately. After contacting the number given by “Bukit Aman”, the victim would be asked to deposit a certain amount of money into a bank account to clear their names.

Case 2:
When they call you, they will read out your name, MyKad number and the name of your company. They then asked you if you have an account in Hong Kong Bank. They will tell you that Hong Kong police had arrested two Malaysians for money laundering and they claimed to know you. They will tell you that they must freeze your bank account in Hong Kong for their investigation and in doing so, all your current accounts in Malaysia will also be frozen. They will asked you to withdraw all your money from your Malaysia bank accounts before it was frozen. In order for you to be able to continue your business transaction, you need to call a Bank Negara officer who then tell you that they can help you open a secret account in local bank and you must deposit your money in that account.

Case 3:
The scammer will tell their potential victims that you had run foul with the law for criminal offences or road traffic cases. The fraudsters will offer to settle your cases with a bribe.

Case 4:
A bank credit card centre will call you asking you to settle an unknown credit card outstanding amount. They will said that the credit card applied under your name. If you say that you don't want to settle the said amount, a Bukit Aman Police officer will later contact you and record your statement for the purpose of filing a report to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Other phone numbers used before:
+603- 26163999

You can can report these frauds to the Commercial Crime Department at 03-26163999/03-26163822 or to CFM at 1800-18-2222 or email CFM at